The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a holistic exercise method that fuses basic movement principles of kundalini yoga, tai chi & qi gong, physical therapy, the buoyant flow of swimming and the joy of dance. Developed by a former Romanian professional ballet dancer, Juliu Horvath was inspired to create a new method of movement that would heal the body and repair bodily injuries. The flexibility of the Gyrotonic equipment and the accessibility of training on a simple stool in Gyrokinesis make these systems comfortable for all body types, skill levels, and physical challenge. If you are looking to reconnect with your body in a fun, meaningful, effective, and intelligent way – Go Gyro.

‘The yoga-esque form of exercise, popular among the Hollywood “it” crowd, aims to balance the body and elongate the spine. [Avid Swimmer Beth Murphy] says a Gyrokinesis session after a grueling workout in the pool makes her feel like a happy, flexible noodle. Golfers, triathletes and runners also swear by it.’
-Gyrokinesis, It’s the New Twist

‘Sharrie O’Neal has been working out with the Gyrotonic Expansion System and Gyrokinesis for six years, and she has X-ray proof of a 2 mm increase in the space between her previously compacted T1 and T2 vertebrae to show for it. Although she had been receiving chiropractic treatment for her injury, it wasn’t until she started the Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis exercise methodologies that the adjustments started to take.’ 
-Gyrokinesis Aids in Stubborn Adjustments July 2010

“Gyrokinesis has a very soothing effect on the entire body and mind. The flow of the movements and the elegant stretches will relax your body and allow your mind to drift to a state of positivity and happiness for the time that you are exercising.”
-Ron Brouchard ‘The Benefits of Gyrokinesis’ August 17, 2010
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